It's all about friendship.

I always liked this idea that they had pointy ears but I was never too sure about it. I don’t know do you guys like the pointy ears thing?

  1. swirlypinkswirl answered: They’re like elves!! :”D
  2. dramaticspoon answered: I think the pointed ears look kinda goofy.
  3. thesketchypony answered: I’ve thought about human unicorns having two horns on their head. Like friendly looking goat horns.
  4. flutterhunter answered: I like it.
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  6. askflashbulb answered: This is a very good idea and you should keep it.
  7. twistymints answered: i think they’re cuuute <3
  8. rollingkatana answered: pretty cool idea, actually!
  9. glitchbox answered: yeah its nice having them look elflike
  10. galleryofthewolf answered: I actually like the idea of pointy ears for humanized unicorns, BUT I believe you should stick with the horns because it just seems natural.
  11. ask-pony answered: maybe regular sized but still pointy